A Kennesaw Tradition

12925My, oh my, we live in an awesome county. Cobb has been our home since 1994 and we have raised our family here. now after running around, like crazy people getting our girls from dance classes and performances, karate, softball and travel softball and lastly lacrosse; for what seemed like forever while it was happening and not nearly enough time with our little girls, we find ourselves empty nesters. For the last 4 years since our baby went off to college, we have discovered time and with time we have discovered all the cool things there are to do in this awesome county of Cobb.

First let’s start with an oldie but goodie, The Big Shanty festival, held every year in historic downtown Kennesaw. This year it will be held the weekend of April 22=23. It is FREE to attend, they have great entertainment, my favorite is Great Gig Dance Company, I maybe bias because my daughter danced with the company for several years, but they are amazing to watch.

They have jumpies and great crafts for the kids and incredible craft vendors for the adults. You can easily spend an entire day there.

We have been attending for more than a decade and you see so many familiar faces and so many new, every year

12919Do NOT get me started on the food. Being originally from New York, we take or street fair cuisine very seriously. The food at the Big Shanty Fest will not disappoint. Who knew you could fry so many things, yummmmy. Funnel cakes, fried oreo’s and candy bars, spiral potatoes and the old fashioned soda, it is all so amazing. Our favorite is the St. Catherine’s sausage and pepper subs, this is NOT a day for dieting!! We try to follow our diet (try is the operative word) most of the week and we “almost” do Paleo to a “T”(we do try but living has so many treats that are so very tasty) but we cheat on our weekend dates and BOY HOWDY do we cheat at the Big Shanty Fest. Hope to see you there, we will be the ones trying to eat as many goodies as we can.

Big Shanty Fest, fun for the whole family,

Be there in Kennesaw square (not really a square but it rhymed). April 22-23, 2017